Truly pleasurable Action RPG once more by Oddy Arts, developer of Aurum Blade!!!

Countless dungeons for infinite Challenge!
- Dungeon Challenges for varied missions and bonuses!!
- attempt to get high score with totally different ways and methods.

Experience fashionable Actions!
- Four distinctive job categories ar prepared for your choice!
- totally customizable weapons and coaching skills for every Job category
- Upgradable Action designs and Power attack for every Job category

Fight with the powerful summon monster, Blade!!
- Strategic gameplay is feasible with the powerful summon monster ‘Blade’! Summon the Blade to fight at your side!!
- the abilities every Blade has can create the player a lot of powerful!

Infinite weapons and armors!!
- strive totally different weapons and armors to alter your hero’s costume.
- Challenge and Loot the simplest things.
- customise your weapons and armors by inserting Runes and victimization Upgrade stone.

More contents!
- Share things by Stash
- Over three hundred monsters
- fast travel through waypoints.
- All of this and a lot of is waiting to be discovered!!

The Stone of Life was familiar to possess the ability of ancient spirits. A war stone-broke out over the stone, one wished to require management of it however the opposite wished to stay the stone hidden. Ingnis, the defender of the Stone of Life won the war and 2 thousand years passed. Necrosis, once the pursuer of the ability of Stone of Life, starts to hunt the ability. UN agency goes to prevent them? you're the sole one to assist Ingnis to forestall the war once more.

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